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Admin reloads on mobile devices

PostPosted: 7:17pm, Tue 06 Nov, 2012
by mplungjan

Trying on ***SPAM***, iPad and Galaxy II to access the login form on the admin page

Whenever the username field is focussed, the page reloads.

It is this piece of code I have now removed from /lists/js and /lists/admin/js

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function handleResize() {
   if (((initWidth != window.innerWidth) || (initHeight != window.innerHeight)) && (typeof disableReload == "undefined")) {
   return false;

Perhaps this could be brought into a millennium where NS4 is not used by actual people?


Re: Admin reloads on mobile devices

PostPosted: 12:21pm, Sun 21 Sep, 2014
by ebob
Same problem here on 2.10.13. Is this fixed in 3.0.8, before I go asking my hosting service to offer it?