Help! Suddenly the message box doesn't appear!

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Help! Suddenly the message box doesn't appear!

Postby HollywoodChicago » 11:49pm, Tue 25 Dec, 2012

We've been using PHPlist for years, but suddenly all the orange links have turned green and they're mashed together -- almost like CSS has broken...? The biggest problem with this is that the message box and the source no longer appear, so I can't send a new message! We send to 80,000 people many times a week and we have a mailing scheduled for tomorrow. I did a dbcheck and no issues there. No broken PHPlist database tables. We're running version 2.10.12. I know there is stable version 2.10.19 out. Thoughts?
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Re: Help! Suddenly the message box doesn't appear!

Postby JacobN » 7:05pm, Tue 01 Jan, 2013

It does sounds like your CSS file might be missing, it's hard to tell without actually seeing it though. If you wanted to test to see if this is your problem, you could make a backup of your /styles/phplist.css file, then grab a default copy of phplist.css and put that in place and see if it makes any difference.

If you private message me with some further details I can take a look at see what else it might be.
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