WHen i sent Newsletters to gmail it is going to spam please

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WHen i sent Newsletters to gmail it is going to spam please

Postby arunsupremesave » 12:01pm, Thu 27 Dec, 2012

I am new to phplist when i sent newsletters to subscribers its going to their gmail spam folder ,in outlook it get delieverd in Inbox.no idea whats happening .i have most of subscribers using Gmail.

can any one please help
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Re: WHen i sent Newsletters to gmail it is going to spam ple

Postby JacobN » 6:56pm, Tue 01 Jan, 2013

Google uses pretty sophisticated spam filters, so there is going to be a lot more automation and detection of spammy content. Desktop email clients like Outlook are typically going to rely on user created filters, so wouldn't pick up on as much.

The most common reasons you might be showing up as spam are your mail headers, your mail server's IP sending reputation, and the content of your message. I'd type up a more in-depth explanation, but it looks like there is this older phpList forum post on What can you do to avoid being marked as spam that would cover most of the same stuff.

Also, you might try reviewing straight from Google's own guidelines on Why messages are marked as Spam.
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