My Inbox was swiped

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My Inbox was swiped

Postby melissamommy2 » 7:26am, Wed 16 Jan, 2013

I recently added PHP List and my inbox was emptied. I am now trying to find out if the messages were dumped in a file that I can recover.
Please help!
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Re: My Inbox was swiped

Postby JacobN » 11:01pm, Mon 21 Jan, 2013

Hello melissamommy2,

Installing phpList alone shouldn't have caused it to wipe your own personal e-mail account's Inbox. The only thing that I can think of is that you set your personal e-mail address as the one that phpList uses to process bounces with in the config.php file with the $message_envelope setting. Then possibly you clicked on process bounces in the admin of phpList which would have caused phpList to make a POP3 connection to your email account to download all of the messages off of the server.

Unfortunately I just tested this out myself by sending a test email to my address, and then processing bounces in phpList. In the server's mail logs I saw phpList made a POP3 connection and downloaded the message, but when I tried to click on view bounces in the admin dashboard it didn't pull the message in there.

Luckily it looks like the actual raw message content is more than likely still preserved in your phpList database in the pl_bounce table. If your web host has phpMyAdmin available that will be the easiest way to view this data. Here are the steps you'd need to take, I can turn this into a full article for you with screenshots and steps if the below doesn't explain it in enough detail for you.

    - Login to phpMyAdmin
    - From the left hand column click on your pl_bounce table
    - Click on the date column to sort by date, and show the newest messages
    - In the header column you should see the email address of who sent the message, note the number in the id column for that message
    - Click on the SQL tab at the top of phpMyAdmin to run your own query
    - Now you want to enter in a SQL statement like this to see the content (since it's stored in a BLOB by default):

    Code: Select all
    SELECT CONVERT(data USING utf8) FROM pl_bounce WHERE id = 106
    - Click Go on the right to run the query
    - If you don't see the full message, you might need to click on the +Options and make sure you have the options Full texts and Show BLOB contents selected, then click Go on the right.

Hopefully you were able to follow along with that and find your missing emails. If not like I said let me know and I can get it up on my phpList tutorial series with screenshots and a more in-depth explanation of the process.

- Jacob
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