Can't login using i-Phone

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Can't login using i-Phone

Postby mypins » 10:39am, Thu 14 Mar, 2013

I searched for an answer to this issue but could not find one, so here is my issue. I cannot login using an i-Phone. As I type my username it kicks me out and refreshes the login page. Any fix for this? Running latest OS. Thanks.
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Re: Can't login using i-Phone

Postby JacobN » 5:15pm, Fri 15 Mar, 2013

Hey mypins,

Just so you know this isn't just an issue on iPhones, basically any device that is going to be changing the zoom level of your admin page is gonna cause problems (mobile browsers, tablets, etc...). You can see the same behavior actually on a desktop web-browser as well, type in your admin username, then resize the browser window a tad bit, it will refresh the page and clear out your text.

On my Sam-sung Galaxy Note when I try to click on the username field to enter in my admin username, it tries to zoom in on the field, causing the admin page to refresh.

I've found that you can directly specify your admin login credentials on a mobile browser to get in past this. So if my domain was my username was admin and my password was MyPass this should work on your i-Phone:

Code: Select all

I actually discovered this behavior previously while I was writing an article on how to send a message to a list in phpList, as I had typed in a bunch of content for my message, then maximized my window, and lost it all! :(

Hopefully using the direct login method via the URL works out for your phone. Be aware though that you might have issues once in the admin for any text boxes, as they'll more than likely resize in your mobile browser again and cause phpList to keep refreshing the page.

- Jacob
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Re: Can't login using i-Phone

Postby Jappie » 10:55am, Tue 26 Mar, 2013

If you would like to disable the "automatic" refresh, you can have a look at the following link where I posted a mod that should prevent this issue:
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