PHPList 2.11.7 Dev Cron Issue

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PHPList 2.11.7 Dev Cron Issue

Postby funk999 » 5:16pm, Thu 14 Mar, 2013


Im driving myself crazy, I think this version of dev does not support Cronjobs. I am a fan of dev versions and have been using phplist with all my clients for the last 7 years and only now am I stuck.

Has anyone got a solution for this?

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Re: PHPList 2.11.7 Dev Cron Issue

Postby JacobN » 4:53pm, Fri 15 Mar, 2013

Hello funk999,

Sorry to hear you're having some issues getting the cron job to function properly.

Are you able to verify that the cron job you've setup is actually attempting to run? If you have root SSH access to the server you should be able to run something like this to confirm if the username the cron job was setup under was userna5:

Code: Select all
grep userna5 /var/log/cron

Do you see any entries of the PHP script running? It should look something like:

Code: Select all
Mar 15 12:32:01 servername crond[11287]: (userna5) CMD (/usr/bin/php /home/userna5/public_html/lists/admin/index.php -pprocessqueue -c/home/userna5/public_html/lists/config/config.php >/dev/null

Are you able to directly call the PHP script from the command line and it still work, just not via a cron job?

If for some reasons cron jobs are not working in that dev version, you might still have success by just deciding to rate limit the sending of messages in phpList. As once you start off the sending of a message from the web portal, it should safely finish on its own.

Aside from that you might want to check out the phpList cron job examples to see if any of those methods mentioned might still work for you.

Hope that helps.

- Jacob
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Re: PHPList 2.11.7 Dev Cron Issue

Postby funk999 » 11:13am, Sat 16 Mar, 2013

I just get a blank response, I have tried all the examples, just a note, I have in the previous dev version used cron without an issue, the only thing different now would be I have



Commandline gives me
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root@max [~]# php /home2/emailtay/public_html/admin/index.php -pprocessqueue -c/home2/emailtay/public_html/config/config.php >/dev/null
root@max [~]#

Cron exists, but processqueue doesnt run. I have several different cron methods but non seem to work.

Have you got cron/commandline to work on this dev version?
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