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List will send to @mydomain only.

PostPosted: 9:07pm, Sun 07 Apr, 2013
by nicomorr
Hello :)

This is probably a Qmail setup problem but my server admin had to move servers & just now I'm using PHPList for the first time since we moved. He also is working on this problem...


Everything in PHPList looks & seems to work properly.

EG: when sending test messages or actual list messages the PHPList admin panel reports success in both test & list emailing out..

But only emails to *@mydomain arrive, the others vanish.
(in this case only emails to 'user' get sent out).

I'm using V2.10.10
My PHPinfo():
Ubuntu running Qmail

Thank you in advance if anyone knows what we have to change?

Nico Morrison

Re: List will send to @mydomain only.

PostPosted: 3:58pm, Mon 06 May, 2013
by mariofau2
Must be the mail server.
Can you send to another domain from the computer and not via phplist?