Taking a long time to send email

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Taking a long time to send email

Postby myjang » 12:46pm, Mon 15 Apr, 2013

I've been using phplist very successfully on two sites for a couple of years. Both sites are on the same shared server, but use different phplist installations.

Recently, the time it takes to send email from one of the sites has increased from about 4 minutes to 19 mins or longer. In addition, the send message queue function still looks as if it's sending the emails even after I've received the list report for that batch of email. I let the system continue to run for several hours, and the send message queue function still appeared to be active.

I'm only sending 288 emails from the site that's having the problem, and the email limit for that site was set by my ISP at 800 emails per hour.

Any insight into this issue would be appreciated.


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Re: Taking a long time to send email

Postby mariofau2 » 3:50pm, Mon 06 May, 2013

Check the mail server logs. Post the relevant part if you can to check.
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