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Google Analytics Goal Tracking

PostPosted: 4:28pm, Tue 23 Apr, 2013
by Delusion
Somehow I can't seem to get Google Analytics Goal tracking working with PHPList.

I have the Google Analytics tracking code on the confirmation page and GA does manage to track visits to the page, but I can't get it to track a confirmation as an achieved goal.

I've tried setting up goals for a lot of different regular expressions but nothing seems to work. I've tried the following regex for my goal


Do I have the wrong regex or what could possibly be wrong?

Re: Google Analytics Goal Tracking

PostPosted: 6:34pm, Tue 30 Apr, 2013
by Delusion
Not really the overwhelming response I was hoping for ;-)

How does everyone else track new users?

I'd simply like to know where my new signups come from.
Is there a phplist addon to see statistics for new signups?

I'll ask for some help on the Google Analytics forum and return with any response:)

Re: Google Analytics Goal Tracking

PostPosted: 6:01pm, Fri 03 May, 2013
by Delusion
Problem solved-ish...

My regex needed the index.php even though it only seems to register /lists/?p=

As I wrote over on the Google Product forums:

Hi everyone,
Even though GA has registered hits on /lists/?p=blablabla it seems to need the index.php filename.

I got the regex to work with ^/lists/index.php\?p=confirm but the data isn't of much use since it mostly registers direct or email client referrals :/

I guess I'll just need to setup a new goal with the subscriptions instead of confirmations.

Hope this helps someone in the future.