Moderate user posts?

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Moderate user posts?

Postby debocracy » 12:35am, Tue 14 May, 2013

I am new to PHPlist. I installed it yesterday for a list with 335 people on it. I do not seem to be able to find the place where I can choose who can post with or without moderation. The list owner wants to be the only one who can post without moderation. Some others may be added. But the default should be Posts Must Be Approved before going to the list.

I have spent two hours searching the 'Net, the forums, and the documentation. I wonder if such a function exists now! If so, please lend a hand.
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Re: Moderate user posts?

Postby mariofau2 » 1:30am, Tue 14 May, 2013

PHPlist is not a mail listing software, it is for a newsletter, to send emails to the people subscribed.
Only the admin can send messages.
Users only receive messages, they can not send messsages.
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Re: Moderate user posts?

Postby debocracy » 2:26am, Tue 14 May, 2013

Thank you for the explanation. I was misled by my hosting company apparently.
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Re: Moderate user posts?

Postby Dragonrider » 5:46am, Tue 14 May, 2013

However, you can add admins with less permissions that you, the superadmin.

Just go to the main adminpage within phpList, then move down the page to administrator functions and add admin.

Now click on Add New Admin and fill in the forms and then the permissions.

My suggestion is that you create a tet user first, set the permissions you think your new admin would need and test the user out to ensure you are right and that they have the access you want them to have.

Once you are happy with your settings, you can set them for real.
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