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Clean Install

Postby topcatism » 11:27am, Thu 23 May, 2013

I have had phplist for some time now. All seems to work fine. Recently my cpanel told me that scripts capable of sending email had be uploaded to the server. They were being uploaded into the phplist directory (I've forgotten which one exactly). My question is can I save my config file and delete all other files and folders, install a clean phplist and add the config file back to it? And if so would I have to click the upgrade button again when it opens. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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Re: Clean Install

Postby Dragonrider » 3:37pm, Thu 23 May, 2013

Simple answer, Yes and Yes.

More detailed answer, Yes, save your config file and so long as it's a recent version re-upload once done. If it's an old version, various settings may be missing as new values and settings were added a few updates back.

You don't really need to uninstall/delete phplist to upgrade but you can if you so wish.

Remember to backup your database before doing anything drastic.

You could also consider uploading the new version to a different folder and adjust the path in the config file, that way if anything goes wrong, you've still got the original install to fall back on whilst you solve any issues.

Yes, you'd have to update the database once completed, a link/reminder should show the next time you log in to your admin pages.
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