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What do I do next

PostPosted: 10:43pm, Mon 27 May, 2013
by JohnJames
Ok this what I did so far.
Downloaded Xampp.
Setup using locahost
Checked security and secured all systems.
Installed Phplist and copied the list folder to the apache Html_doc
Created a new database in mysql and user and granted full rights.
Made changes to php configure document.
logged in using localhost/lists/admin
All working 100%
Created a new list and and imported .csv and again all working.
Now I need to get on the Internet and try sending smtp.
I have an adsl line with 5 ip addresses. 17mb upload speed.
I have a Draytek router and I will redirect one of the five live ip's to the internal address off the server.
Changes the mx record on dns where my domain is registered to the live ip address.
Is this correct so far?
Then make changes to the phplist config file to point to the new IP address?
Can someone verify is is correct? Anything I am missing so far?
Many thanks.

Re: What do I do next

PostPosted: 8:40am, Tue 28 May, 2013
by duncanc
The domain on which phplist is running is on the configure page, not in the config.php file. That will probably need to be the IP address.

Re: What do I do next

PostPosted: 9:43pm, Tue 28 May, 2013
by JohnJames
Do I need to make any changes at all to the apache server for all this to work

Re: What do I do next

PostPosted: 8:47am, Wed 29 May, 2013
by duncanc
What do you mean? It would be clearer if you can explain what problems, if any, you are having.

phplist is just a php application. This forum isn't the right place for support on configuring apache or your DNS settings.