Sending emails for another Domain, SSL and SPF

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Sending emails for another Domain, SSL and SPF

Postby AK47 » 3:29am, Wed 05 Jun, 2013


i would like to send a newsletter with phplist from one shared hosting account(Domain 1) for another shared hosting account(Domain 2, in another country). I have successfully installed PHPList on Domain 1 and could even send a test-newsletter to my test-list :D , but of course with all the settings for Domain 1 and with Test-Email-Addresses belonging to CatchAll-Addresses for Domain 1.
Now i would like to "change" the PHPList configuration, so i can send a test-newsletter for the other Domain. But what kind of configuration is needed apart from editing the SMTP-Server-Settings and "Settings for handling bounces" in configuration.php as well as "From email address for system messages" and "Reply-to email address for system messages" in the "configure"-menu?

If i click "configure" and change the "Website address" to Domain 2 for example, my browser seems to redirect me to a non-existing PHPList-Installation on Domain 2. Well, i personally don't need to change anything, but i don't now exactly which setting are important for the operational capability when sending mails for a deviant domain.

Another issue is sending with SSL, because i will send credentials half the world to a foreign server. In the internet i only found discussions from years ago, but in configuration.php there is the following code:

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$bounce_mailbox_port = "110/pop3/notls";

Can i change the Port to 465 and "notls" to "ssl"?
And can i do the same for the normal sending SMTP-Server-Settings in configuration.php?

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$phpmailer_mailbox_port = "465/pop3/ssl";

And how can i check/be sure that PHPList is not ignoring my additional line of code in configuration-file and does a fallback or something? Is there a logging-function where i can check how PHPList connected to the server?

The last Question belongs to the SPF from Domain 2. The IP from the mail server differs from the IP of the Web-Server. A lot of mails to Googelmail are delivered to the spam folder and i found this in the email-header:
Received-SPF: neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by best guess record for domain of;

In cPanel X the email authentification(SPF) is disabled. Has anyone experiences with adding SPF records and can tell me if it is helpful to enable SPF within cPanel? And do i need to add the host name of the mail-server, even when this host name is automatically listed in cPanel within the Mail Client Configuration(because in the SPF section cPanel says, that the primary mail exchanger does not need a manual entry)?

I just have this strange setup, because shared hosting is very cheap in the country with Domain 1, while in country with Domain 2 hosting is very expensive. So i need to send a newsletter for Domain 2 with a PHPList installation from Domain 1. :mrgreen:

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