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Removing $strUnsubscribe & $strUnsubscribeTitle

PostPosted: 6:05pm, Mon 23 Sep, 2013
by philvm
Dear Folks;

the variables $strUnsubscribe and $strUnsubscribeTitle both appear at the bottom of subscribe pages - immediately above the credit logo. I would like to remove these from the public pages where they don't belong. The text for either of these is in the corresponding file. The first variable appears as a button only on the Unsubscribe page but just a link on other pages.

$strUnsubscribe, for example, appears even through there is already a Subscribe button (the text for which is defined on the "edit a subscribe page"). It doesn't belong on a Subscribe page. Also....

This variable appears at bottom of the Update personal preferences page - where it doesn't belong.
It does appear on the Unsubscribe page (as a button) - where it DOES belong.

I'd like to be able to remove these variables from the pages where they don't belong and leave them where they do belong. How can this be done?

Thank you very much,


Re: Removing $strUnsubscribe & $strUnsubscribeTitle

PostPosted: 7:12pm, Mon 23 Sep, 2013
by AlanGeorge
Hi Phil

sadly there is only one place where the dark arts are practiced and few dare to venture, you may find more hacks than you can handle........ surely it's not haloween just yet..... try searching at the following link....there again it may be April already.....



Re: Removing $strUnsubscribe & $strUnsubscribeTitle

PostPosted: 3:23pm, Tue 19 Nov, 2013
by philvm
Hi Alan;

I've been intending to thank you very much for your response. It is right on but I have yet to upgrade to V3 to take advantage of this realm of the Dark Arts. You have provided a great resource collection. May the dark arts live on providing generous solace for the troubled.

Thanks again,