Some users not getting attachments

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Some users not getting attachments

Postby malabar » 1:42pm, Wed 06 Nov, 2013


I could really use some support with an odd issue I've got in phplist 2.10.17.

This is my second instal of phplist. My first one is used to send out a newsletter to 3,000 folks each month and I have never had this issue (that install was initially version 2 and has been upgraded to version 3).

What's happening is that some of the users do not receive the attachments being sent out. As near as I can tell, all users are configured to receive html email, and the emails they receive do in fact appear to be html. There is simply no attachment at the bottom (and no link, either). The little phplist icon shows up as an attachment, but not the pdf or word file.

There is no error message in the log, and I'm not getting any sort of bounce message (which is to be expected since the email is arriving).

I can find no difference in configuration between the users who receive the attachments and those who do not.

Where should I start looking?

many thanks

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