Images not showing up in sent email...

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Images not showing up in sent email...

Postby C5VetteDan » 10:05pm, Tue 24 Dec, 2013

I have followed the steps necessary on how to insert images into my template using the directions located here:

However, the image that shows up in my template does not show up in any email I send.

What am I missing?

FYI... I'm using phpList version 2.10.14, the latest version of Firefox and sending test messages to my hotmail account.
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Re: Images not showing up in sent email...

Postby Heritage » 5:47am, Wed 19 Feb, 2014

First see if images are turned off because your not a trusted domain in your hotmail settings.

Then if that is not the issue. Right click on the view source and see if quite possibly your image pathways are C:\folder\imagename.ext and you may have an issue in the way you installed the template.

You can try sending your email from phpList to

Then you can see if all the email platforms are not seeing your images. If globally there is an issue then it maybe in your formatting.

There maybe issues with the new changing the code for you to not show images inserted into the email.

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