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Not able to make mail2list plugin to work.

PostPosted: 9:05am, Wed 29 Jan, 2014
by sispecan
I've been trying to configure Mail2List plugin for days, but yet I haven't achieved such task.

I created an Outlook account and a list to test it out, but so far it has failed. I whitelisted my phplist user and configured the list with the Outlook's POP3 parameters. On ports I typed /pop3:995/ssl, but I'm not sure whether this plugin works with SSL or not.

And that's it, everything seems to be configured, but when I send an email to, it isn't downloaded by the PHPList to process it later to the list.

I know this is an old and discontinued plugin (I'm not even sure whether this plugin was stable at any point) but even so my boss want it to be implemented. I've tried both versions.

We are running phplist 2.10.13.

What else could I try?