Confirmation email sends, test mail doesn't

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Confirmation email sends, test mail doesn't

Postby elahoda22 » 3:59am, Sat 15 Mar, 2014

I have successfully installed PhpLists on my client's site, after battling all day with a now defunct mail program.

I am almost positive I have all the settings correct, however a test email will not send on my test campaign.

I have added myself, (twice - 2 different emails) to the list of subscribers already, and the page tells me that the test email did send. However, nothing has showed up in either mail accounts, or spam folders yet.

I decided to complete the campaign and send it and immediately I get the confirmation emails that the campaign started and finished. However, still no actual emails. WHen I review the campaign, all the emails have supposedly sent.

How can I get the campaign confirmation emails, but no actual email in the same account?

Need help
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Re: Confirmation email sends, test mail doesn't

Postby Dragonrider » 8:20am, Sat 15 Mar, 2014

You get the start and end of campaign sent emails as they are sent out direct.

Have you allocated the subscribers to a list and did you select that list to be sent your campaign message?

How are you sending, php mail() or SMTP, though version 2 is much more forgiving that 3 when sending via SMTP.
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