phplist_linktrack is over 10 gigabytes!

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phplist_linktrack is over 10 gigabytes!

Postby DanteS2014 » 10:55pm, Tue 18 Mar, 2014

Hello, I'm experiencing a few problems with my phplist installation. Actually everything works fine except for a little problem.

Whenever I send a message, after a while (several thousands messages) the emails simply stop getting out. The log shows no errors, and the smtp server I'm using keeps working, if used outside phplist. I came to the conclusion that somehow, the problem was with my hosting provider.

So I proceeded to buy another hosting solution from a different provider and as I was starting to prepare for the phplist migration, I tried to do an export of the old database. I was horrified to discover that the database was large 10.8GB!

The phplist_linktrack table weighs around 10.2GB.

What can I do in order to achieve the following results?

1. Find a way to reduce in size the phplist_linktrack table, maintaining the click stats and the funcionality of the links sent in my latest newsletters.
2. Find a way to optimize the link tracking funcionality, preventing an outgrowth of the phplist_linktrack table.

I'm using phplist 2.10.9.

Thanks for your help.
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Re: phplist_linktrack is over 10 gigabytes!

Postby duncanc » 11:26am, Fri 21 Mar, 2014

While you continue to use phplist 2.10.x there is no solution other than deleting the linktrack rows for old messages.

The click tracking mechanism has been redesigned in phplist 3.0.x and does not have that problem of extrememly large tables. So you might want to look at upgrading phplist but bear in mind a few possible issues
  • the 'old' link tracking data has to be converted and entered into the new tables so that click statistics will include old messages. This may well take days or even weeks for your 10GB table.
  • that conversion process actually deletes the old link tracking rows, so clicks of links in old messages will then fail
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Re: phplist_linktrack is over 10 gigabytes!

Postby DanteS2014 » 7:00pm, Sat 22 Mar, 2014

Thanks for your reply Duncan. In the end I couldn't resolve my issue, due to the fact that the table became corrupted while I was trying to delete records older that 3 years. There was no way I could export the database, every attempt I made failed. So I decided to start over with a new installation of phplist 3.0.5 on a new server.

The old installation will still be up for me to look at the old messages.

Funny thing though, I can't seem to make the new installation work with the same SMTP settings I used for the 2.10.9 installation. Opening a post about it in a few minutes.
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