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Unconfirmed Subscribers

PostPosted: 12:57am, Sat 03 May, 2014
by Wirralwriter
Hi. I am new here and was wondering if any of you could help me with a problem.

My problem is that I have now accrued 57 subscribers to my phplist. However, all but three have confirmed their subscription. What does this signify? I can't understand why so many have not bothered to confirm their subscription. I don't know if I have got the settings right, whether most of these members or spammers, or what.

Another thing I don't understand is how do I receive messages in my phplist email inbox. My email was admin@, but I have changed to this to the email of my website, which is alan@ But I am not sure whether I should have done this or not.

Can somebody help me with these problems?


<Mod Edit - Never give your email out in the clear on the internet, protect yourself from spam harvesting bots.

Re: Unconfirmed Subscribers

PostPosted: 7:37am, Sat 03 May, 2014
by Dragonrider
Hi Alan, welcome to the forums.

Well, rather than focus on the negative, focus on the positive, you've got 54 out of 57 users confirmed their subscription, so it sounds like things are working.

Why 3 haven't confirmed is like how long is a piece of string. They could have given invalid or downright wrong email addresses, their email servers may be ultra strict and your confirmation emails may have ended up in their spam boxes, or they could be out and out spammers.

I've just tried to subscribe but so far nothing has come through, so maybe there is an issue, quite possible with your using such an old version. 2.10.?

My hosts won't allow me to run out of date scripts so I currently cannot run a version 2 phpList online and my XAMMP currently crashes, but as I recall, you should be able to set the email address used to inform you of info is located in the lists/config/config.php file

In an effort to avoid having your messages end up in spam boxes, consider adding SPF/DKIM to your server.