Sending emails from command line (php5-cli)

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Sending emails from command line (php5-cli)

Postby decktone » 6:05pm, Mon 26 May, 2014

Hello, on your wiki i can see following words:

"Alternatives to processing the queue manually - Instead of processing the queue manually through your web browser, you can use a cron job, a commandline script, or both. If you have more than 1000 users, it is recommended to use commandline queue processing. There are several reasons you might prefer processing the message queue with a cron job and/or commandline script. For instance: It will reduce the problem of timeouts, and -if your server is running PHP-cgi- you'll avoid having to leave the browser window open for hours. "

I have a database of 28k emails and I don't want to send it by web panel (it would took several hours). How can i do this job in commandline?
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Re: Sending emails from command line (php5-cli)

Postby duncanc » 4:26pm, Thu 29 May, 2014

In the bin directory of the phplist distribution there is a command file, phplist, that explains how to run phplist at the command line or cron job.
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