More emails failed than the batch count.

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More emails failed than the batch count.

Postby ibPeter » 8:53am, Sun 24 Aug, 2014


I'm sending out emails to a selection of my user base and I have set it up to send out fast:
Cron job every 10 minutes

Here's a typical status email (every 10 minutes) :

Sending in batches of 500 emails
Processing has started, 2 message(s) to process.
Processing message 77
Looking for users
Found them: 61215 to process
batch limit reached: 500 (500)
Script stage: 5
500 messages sent in 1282.96 seconds (1403 msgs/hr)
721 emails failed (will retry later)

To me this reads that 500 messages were sent but 721 of them failed. That's obviously wrong. Can you help me make sense of this output ?

First I though the failed emails were accumulated from previous batches but sometimes the count is more, sometimes it's less, in a previous status email. So it's not just adding to the count ?
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