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Move website

PostPosted: 6:31pm, Mon 02 Feb, 2015
by joephilpott

I had an old website ( but moved it ( but after doing that, I have a problem. When I log in and want to add a new user by clicking on 'User' (on the right hand side) and then 'Add A User', when I complete the form and click 'Save Changes', the page is then redirected to a 404 on the new website (

Does anyone know how to fix this please?


Version 2.10.14

Re: Move website

PostPosted: 10:19pm, Mon 02 Feb, 2015
by Dragonrider
You probably need to adjust the $pageroot value in your config.php FILE, and using version 2, also the admin value too.

It is also possible you'll need to check the config page in your phpList admin area to make sure you've not set the urls to your old value rather than use [WEBSITE] and such like.