Template Image Problem Ver 2

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Template Image Problem Ver 2

Postby brasspro » 10:00pm, Tue 17 Feb, 2015

I have five images across the bottom of my template. They are sponsor logos. I needed to update the image in position 2. When I accomplished that, everything looked good and I saved. Now, when I go back to view template, image 2 shows in that position, but also in image 4 position. When I go back to edit template, my desired image is in position 4. I look at the source codes and everything is in place and order. So I save, go to view - same problem - image 2 is in two places, position 2 and 4. I have gone back and forth with same bad results. I can not figure where it is getting the information to create the error. Sending a test mail shows the error. Help!
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