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Admin Permissions

Postby johntrot » 6:17pm, Thu 05 Mar, 2015

I am Using version 3.0.12

Is there a way to add back an updated version of the old Admin permissions in a plugin that will work for version 3.xx. I haven't located one?

The program asks "who is in charge of the program" in your configuration info and yet we must give equal access to several others to properly run the program. I miss the admin permissions from the old version.
I have 4 additional admins and in the past each had unique rights to the program. Today I must give each of them SuperAdmin status to do the same job they were doing in the past.

If any one of them gets upset they have the potential to do major damage to the subscriber lists, etc... baring them getting upset, they can just export the lists and do their own thing separate from our organization. They are all good people but I don't feel secure with the limited Admin permissions we currently work under.
Any help would be appreciated !!

My thanks for your time and support.
John B
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