How to create an html template?

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How to create an html template?

Postby webaglow » 8:34pm, Tue 03 Oct, 2006

O.K., I'm a total newbie to phpList. Can anyone point me to documentation, or give me a bare bones step-by-step to set up an html template?

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Postby H2B2 » 10:14pm, Tue 03 Oct, 2006

You could take a look at this thread, or search the forum. There are many posts on this subject.
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Postby lostndazed » 10:45pm, Sun 04 Mar, 2007

I've read the docs on this.

Template top part
The top part is your HTML code starting from the title tag till where the middle part content should start.
Select the top part -as described above- and copy/paste it in the editing window of the 'create template' page of the phplist admin module, using the 'source button/icon' of the FCKeditor toolbar.
Make sure you add the [CONTENT] placeholder at a convenient place at the end of the top part of your code.

I have no FCKeditor toolbar. It was causing my all kinds of freaky errors and not displaying properly, so I had to disable it.

With no FCKeditor toolbar, the instructions are useless as is.

In the admin section, when I click on the templates link, it takes me to a page with 1 (one) input box.
Is there an alternative to putting in the template top and bottom? Or do I take my changes on using just the one textarea box?
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Postby lostndazed » 11:26pm, Sun 04 Mar, 2007

Ok, I can use the entire template in the box and all seems to work well.
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