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server shut me down

PostPosted: 11:20pm, Fri 13 Oct, 2006
by howboy
I am shocked and awed that, a service I've been using for years, does not allow you to run scripts that send emails in batches... this totally sucks, esp. after all the work I did setting up my newsletter, db, formatting pages, blah blah blah...

is there anything I can do?

who do I go to for hosting who will allow these scripts to run?


PostPosted: 9:18pm, Sat 14 Oct, 2006
by Hernol
All hosts but that one. :D

ha ha

PostPosted: 4:13am, Sun 15 Oct, 2006
by howboy
well, perhaps it's not the crisis I thought... Pair's policy permits scripts that send via smtp of somebody else's servers... so I'm going to try that...

re: Pair sucks vs. rocks... stay tuned