I cannot send mails with embedded Flash!! Why?

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I cannot send mails with embedded Flash!! Why?

Postby tiggertail » 2:00am, Mon 25 Dec, 2006


For some reason my template with embedded flash doesn't work out when I tried to send my message. Somehow all the HTML code was eaten, I mean, dissapeared and just arrives the phplist logo.

This is the Code...

Can you help me?

I'm going crazy with this!

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re: flash in your mailout

Postby jezza » 4:58am, Fri 29 Dec, 2006

As far as I know it is extremely risky trying to get flash into your mailouts. Mail programs will either allow it or not and you can never guarantee that the user will receive it correctly. Although I really wish we could put flash in our emails, from my experience, it is most likely that it won't be received correctly.

If you need something animated in your mail, you want to consider creating an animated gif instead.

Can anyone else confirm whether flash is a 'no go' for mailouts?
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Postby juanlacueva » 2:54pm, Thu 22 Mar, 2007

Flash in emails is a BIG NO.

It might even make the email delete, and if doesn't, nobody will see it
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