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Add a comment to Forward

Postby UsrLnx » 3:13am, Wed 17 Jan, 2007

I can't find where to customize the Forward page so that when a message is Forwarded using http://mydomain/lists/?p=forward you can add a textarea box for sender comments (much like the comments added when you unsubscribe). I've searched the forum and found a couple of requests like this, but no answers.
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Postby Hernol » 7:51pm, Wed 17 Jan, 2007

That will include a new 'insert' in the database, a new column in the forward table, and it might cause problems. You can create a table for this, and put the info there, then for read it you have to make a 'select...' from mysql... I guess you have to check the lists/index.php file
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Postby jfm5440 » 4:58pm, Sun 18 Mar, 2007

This is the most frequent complaint I get from the Board of Directors "Why can't I add a personal message when I forward an announcement."

See the Directors all have personal e-mail lists that they don't want on the general list because they want to personalize each event announcement.

But technically I'm not sure why it would require a DB table column since there's no need to save the comment. Wouldn't you just pass the comment typed in the form to the php mailer code you post to?
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