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white text white background? am I mad?

PostPosted: 9:14am, Tue 20 Feb, 2007
by gallussi
Here we go, now before you call me a dummy (you can later) I have installed list and was wondering why I could not see the "messaage" box on my monitor when i go to the send message page. I went back to the demo pages on and realised that the demo pages seemed blank as well. That was when i realised if I selected just under the " ? Message. " I can see a text bow to input text to. But cannot seem to achieve this simple task.

I do not have problems seeing any other sites or pages. I am using XP with all updates.
I am assuming that this is a setting on my browser that has gone tits up or someone has played with something.

I think that phplist is a winner and would like to get into using it but seem to be "whited out"
as far as being able to find a solution.

I have attached a view of how I view the demo page. The blue highlight is me selecting text so i can read it. can call me a dummy now


PostPosted: 3:59pm, Thu 22 Feb, 2007
by Hernol
Use Firefox instead!!

PostPosted: 5:06pm, Thu 22 Feb, 2007
by gallussi
wow, thanks hernol...I am amazed at your aptitude . I was wondering if all your other posts are as helpful? Keep up the good work.

PostPosted: 5:20pm, Thu 22 Feb, 2007
by Hernol

Yes, they are :D

I'm meaning: I have checked IE7, IE6, IE5.5 and FF (windows and linux) and works ok so it's your browser problem, also you are seeing a cache page, looks diff now the demo page ;)