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Quick data entry for front desk

PostPosted: 7:45pm, Wed 21 Feb, 2007
by tomester

PHPList is being used at a hotel I work for. The people at the front desk would like something to instantly enter e-mail addresses into the newsletter database, circumventing confirmation and welcome e-mails.

They're balking at using the back-end so I was wondering if I could make a page that looks like the consumer subscribe page but immediately confirms them upon entering their e-mail addresses.

Thank you.

PostPosted: 4:45pm, Thu 22 Feb, 2007
by Hernol
Maybe changing the db confirm column to be default 1.

PostPosted: 2:30pm, Wed 28 Feb, 2007
by tomester
Wouldn't that turn off confirmations completely? I'd still want visitors to the website to be confirmed for the newsletter.