The From title is wrong

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The From title is wrong

Postby tresu » 9:23pm, Thu 22 Feb, 2007

I just installed this program and it is great. The problem I am having is that when someone subscribe to my newsletter, they are sent an email but PHPlist is not using the specified email address to send the email

Can anyone help me or tell me what do do?

Please note that I am hosting 4 domains under one server account.
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Postby H2B2 » 12:32am, Sat 24 Feb, 2007

Did you check this setting in config.php:
Admin details for messages

# admin details for messages
# since ver. 2.10.3 if this is enabled phplist will initialise the From in new messages to be the
# details of the logged in administrator who is sending the message
# otherwise it will default to the values set in the configure page that identify
# the From for system messages

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