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White box ...?

PostPosted: 11:20pm, Fri 23 Feb, 2007
by ladydevill
I have modified the subscription pages as well as unsubscribe and others to match the site I am working on, however, I get a little white box that appears on all pages to the right of the content.
Can anyone offer some advice on how to get rid of this?

I will be happy to send a PM with URL attached since I cannot post it.

Thank you,

PostPosted: 7:33am, Sat 24 Feb, 2007
by Dragonrider
The url is in your profile WWW link which is very helpful, thank you.

I've had a look, couldn't find it at first, but in Firefox, there is just a single black line (NICE background by the way).

The white box only appears in IE and copying the source code to example does not actually help, the error is not repeatable in my html editor! It's almost as if you have a cell in a table appearing but I cannot repeat the error myself to try to fix it.

PostPosted: 12:12am, Sun 25 Feb, 2007
by ladydevill
Thank you for the compliment on the background. When I review this and look at the IE on all the other pages, it seems to change locations. And I too, have found it almost impossible to find! Almost like a layer off on the side somewhere...

Thanks for your input....still fighting with it!