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Eventlog not recording events

PostPosted: 4:16pm, Mon 26 Feb, 2007
by lostndazed

My eventlog doesn't seem to be putting data into the db. Is there a setting somewhere that turns it on?
And if so, where can I find it?

If there is no setting, is there another solution?
Everything else seems to be connecting to the db fine.
I've got version 2.10.4.

Thank you.

PostPosted: 5:23pm, Mon 26 Feb, 2007
by lostndazed
Is version 2.10.4 missing a file?
I just did a search for "eventlog" across all the files, and I can't find one place of mySQL INSERT for eventlog.

PostPosted: 5:33pm, Mon 26 Feb, 2007
by lostndazed
Ok I found the code that is supposed to insert the events into eventlog.

on lib.php

Code: Select all
function logEvent($msg) {
  global $tables;
  if (isset($GLOBALS['page'])) {
    $p = $GLOBALS['page'];
  } elseif (isset($_GET['page'])) {
    $p = $_GET['page'];
  } elseif (isset($_GET['p'])) {
    $p = $_GET['p'];
  } else {
    $p = 'unknown page';
  if (Sql_Table_Exists($tables["eventlog"]))
  Sql_Query(sprintf('insert into %s (entered,page,entry) values(now(),"%s","%s")',$tables["eventlog"],

I guess that looks right. So am back to:
How do I make it record events in my eventslog table?

PostPosted: 6:01pm, Mon 26 Feb, 2007
by lostndazed
And yes, the table is in my DB.

Table: phplist_eventlog

Code: Select all
Field    Type         etc.
id    int(11)      etc.
entered datetime     etc.
page    varchar(100) etc.
entry   text         etc.

The table is greyed out, though, 'cause there's no data in it.

PostPosted: 9:58pm, Mon 26 Feb, 2007
by lostndazed
Found the answer all by myself, but will post here in case someone else is having the same issue.

In the config/config.php file, on LINE 288, if I want the eventlog to work, then I need to set this to:

Code: Select all

To turn off the eventlog, then I would put:
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