I can no longer sign in ??????

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I can no longer sign in ??????

Postby mom2ems » 5:26pm, Mon 26 Feb, 2007


I’ve been happily using my newsletter with phplist since July, or there abouts. It was set up by my web host company. A few days ago I tried to sign into my account and it said “invalid password”. I have signed into this site for months with no problems and now...nothing. I tried logging in from the main page here at phplist and it says "You have specified an incorrect or inactive username, or an invalid password" ARgh...I tried having them send my password to my email address and I get this message "The e-mail address you supplied does not match the one listed for that username." It's like I no longer exist...

One thing that is different...I switched to a new desktop and I have never been able to sign in using it. Now, this shouldn't make any difference, but I thought I would mention it. I tried signing in from my old, tried-and-true computer...same thing...doesn't recognize me. I have not updated my version of phplist since I got it which is sometime in the summer. AND...I have not backed-up my list...because I didn't even know you could...duh.

Oh, and I tried contacting my web hosting company for help and they have no idea...

I registered with a new name and password to post in this forum.

Any help or thoughts?

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Postby Dragonrider » 7:12pm, Mon 26 Feb, 2007

Hi Catherine,

Okay, first of all, as the best book in the Galaxy says, "Don't Panic!" (yet).

I hope that you can view your website control panel and hopefully, something like MyphpAdmin. Click this and with luck a new window should open with your database details.

Select the database with phplist info stored, and find the phplist_admin records, click on this, then click Browse (This is how it works for mine webspace anyway, you may have to explore a little).

Now, with luck you should find your login name and in the 7th or 8th item along, your password. That should let you log on to phplist.
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Postby mom2ems » 7:55pm, Mon 26 Feb, 2007

Oh, my goodness.........THANK YOU!!!!!! It took me awhile to figure out and find what the heck you were talking about but I found it and I found my log in info!! For some reason, I thougth my username was Art-with-Heart, but it's Art with Heart (no dashes).

Oh....whew.....I feel so much better! Thank you, thank you!!! You saved me :P

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Admin Login

Postby dhost » 1:41pm, Sat 24 Mar, 2007

Is there anyway to encrypt this for security reasons?
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