Only A Few Recieve My Messages

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Only A Few Recieve My Messages

Postby rjmartino » 5:11am, Tue 27 Feb, 2007

Hello - I have a list of about 500 people. When I send out a message, it only shows that about 200 people recieved it. Only about 10 click the links and everyone that I ask (I know everyone on the list), they say they never received it.

I also have a list of 45,000. It says that around 20,000 recieved it and many users complain that they never receive it!

I've ran a DNS report on the server ( but nothing really interesting (you may want to try it).

Does anyone know what the problem is? Is this a normal problem? Do I need to do any special configurations to make the server a "bulk" server?
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Postby H2B2 » 2:08pm, Thu 01 Mar, 2007

Perhaps a server overload? You might consider increasing the mailqueue throttle a little bit.

Also check that the failed users are still confirmed, before requeuing the message.
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