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Message stuck in queue because some emails fail to send

PostPosted: 8:20am, Tue 27 Feb, 2007
by cincen
I have set up a message that sends a daily feed to one of my lists via cron.

The problem is that if any email fails to send, the message remains as In Progress and waits to retry later, then fails again, and waits to retry later, so it never finishes and message is not requeued *so next day it doesn-t go out(.

The only solutions I have found is to delete those failed emails from the list so next time it processes they do not fail, and message gets requeued.

Other solution is to delete current sending and create new message again.

Why does it try and retry to send failed emails ... can it be set to not retry and requeue message.


stuck in queue

PostPosted: 3:33pm, Thu 01 Mar, 2007
by Jet Cleaners
how did you find the failed emails?