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Sending both HTML and Text to the same user?

PostPosted: 1:57pm, Thu 01 Mar, 2007
by escoles
Several stakeholders have requested that I enroll them to receive both the HTML and text versions of the newsletter, on the normal distribution run.

That is, they regard it as unsatisfactory to get both versions in our test mailings -- they want to see both versions when the message is actually sent to subscribers.

Short of enrolling them under two different email addresses, is there a way of doing that? I've scanned config.php and can't find it as an undocumented option, and none of the options on the configuration page for signup forms seem to let me do that.

This isn't just a stakeholder issue, either. Right now, I have three different subscribers on this list who've signed up under different email addresses with the apparent goal of getting the newsletter in both HTML and text format. That's from a total list membership of 39 actual customers. Most of these are marginally technical users (currently the list is mostly people in payroll services -- late-adopters with a 10-15 year history on computers), so I'm thinking this is probably not an uncommon need.

Apparently a single user can ONLY EVER receive one format?

PostPosted: 2:46pm, Thu 01 Mar, 2007
by escoles
I've done some more testing, and it seems to be the case that users can't select different formats for different newsletters.

Is this true? If so, why? It seems very limiting. I often want to be able to select the format based on the content, and I assume that's true for many experience mailing list recipients. Most mailing list enrollment systems (Fawcett's and CNet's spring to mind) allow me to select on a list-by-list basis.

This is related to the previous question because I had hoped to work around the single-format limitation by just creating a second distribution list, which would send to the same users in a different format. No luck -- I found that when I created a second signup form that defaulted to text, and used it to enroll myself in the newsletter, it changed the core HTML preference. HTML versus text is apparently a preference at the user level; it should be at the list-level.

Again, can anyone think of a workaround.