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Manually Adding User (Regular Admin not SuperAdmin)

PostPosted: 6:06am, Fri 02 Mar, 2007
by BlueThunder82
I've been trying to search for the answer in the forums and documentation but alas I have come up empty. What is happening is I am logging into the system as a normal admin and using the "add a user" link. I fill out the fields and click save and that is it. The user I add never gets a confirmation email request so phpList things that the user is still unconfirmed. Am I missing something?

What I am expecting is as a normal admin I can enter the information on someone's behalf and then an automatic email is sent asking this user if they indeed want to confirm. They confirm and the system now marks them ready to receive emails.

I am running 2.10.3. I know this is slightly dated but have not had time to complete my testing before upgrading to the latest release. Looking in the changelog I do not see any mention of adding users.

Any thoughts or pointers are appreciated.

PostPosted: 3:38pm, Fri 02 Mar, 2007
by Hernol
Adding a user manually wont send him any email. For that you have to either import the user using import function or he has to subscribe in the front end. Another thing to do could be add the user and then go to /lists/admin/?page=reconcileusers and use the option to 're-send' a confirmation email.

PostPosted: 5:27pm, Fri 02 Mar, 2007
by BlueThunder82
Ok that make sense. Is there a specific reason why an email isn't automatically sent? Maybe this could be considered in the future. I'm not sure.

But thanks for the confirmation. I'll continue using the front end /lists/ to add users who want to be added to the system.