Importing New Users

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Importing New Users

Postby lsander » 2:37pm, Fri 02 Mar, 2007

I've got phplist up and running exactly as I want it. I've got about 80 users now, all of whom I have added manually (a few) or who have subscribed through the standard process (many). Each user has an email address and FirstName and LastName attributes, though some of the names are blank.

I want to add about 650 users from a tab delimited file I have offline. I'm concerned about a few things, and I'm wondering how to handle them:

1) Some of my new users are duplicates of existing users.

2) Some of the "duplicates" in 650 users to be added will have the same email address as, but different FirstName and/or LastName from the existing users (such as John Smith and Jack Smith, or no name on one list, but both names on the other).

3) I think if import the new users with "different values for attributes," that FirstName and LastName will import OK as long as the column headings match.

Can I just import these new users to a list, or do I need to take special steps, or ???
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Postby Hernol » 3:33pm, Fri 02 Mar, 2007

You can use the 'Retain old users', so if a user is match for email, the actual user info in the database will be keeped.
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