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Bounces are not accessible from the admin web interface

PostPosted: 9:41am, Sat 03 Mar, 2007
by ramziddin
Hi Everybody

I am new in the PHP List and this my first post.
Currently I am analyzing this system for my firms
interests. I am having the following Bounce Management
related problems:

1)The mail box for bounces is receiving notifications
about undeliverable(bounced) mails but the admin
cannot see them from the web interface via the
link "view bounces"!
2)When I press the link "Process Bounces" the systems gives me out the followingmessage:

Cannot create POP3 connection to [My servers IP Address]: Can't import Kerberos service name
Identifying consecutive bounces
Nothing to do
Identifying consecutive bounces
0 users processed

I understood that it is unable to connect to the mail account created for bouces from the first part of the message but I am not quite getting why it is saying
Can't import Kerberos service name

Our Company doesn't use Kerberus instead we are using SSL. Anyway why it is not working
correctly and how to fix it.

I have checked my config.php and compared it with Doc you
gvae me.I could not do anything to fix my problem
so please help me to find what's wrong:
(I am posting the followings from my config.php)

$message_envelope = "";
is set to correct mail address that receives bounces

$bounce_mailbox_host = 'myipaddress';
$bounce_mailbox_user = 'noreply';
$bounce_mailbox_password = 'mailpassword';
Here our mail only asks username for login so it
is enough to put "noreply" I guess it does not create any problem

$bounce_unsubscribe_treshold = 5;
$bounce_mailbox_purge = 0;
$bounce_mailbox_purge_unprocessed = 1;
I guess this 3 deosn't make much difference to
solving my problem.

$bounce_mailbox_port = "110/pop3/notls";
#$bounce_mailbox_port = "110/pop3";
When it was like in default the system was giving out
the error about Can't import Kerberos service name
I tried also to comment first and uncomment 2
but it started to give out another error while pressing the "PROCESS QUEUE" button
Something like inappropriate pop3 settings(or smth like that)

$bounce_protocol = 'pop';

I could not unsderstand what is the problem can you look at the scripts i have posted andlook what is wrong and give some more advise(detailed) on my problem.



Multo Gracio


PostPosted: 3:23pm, Mon 05 Mar, 2007
by Hernol
A few things to have in mind:

Use this $bounce_mailbox_purge = 1; to 1 instead to 0, otherwise you will end unconfirming all your users...

Instead of your IP try to get and use the host, ie.

And username should (but not always) be the same as message_envelope, try this.