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Footer at top of page

PostPosted: 10:53am, Tue 06 Mar, 2007
by jaydee
So far so good. PHPlist is installed and seems to be working well. But when I copy a web page into the content section of the 'send message' area - it copies accurately, but the test email shows the footer at the top of the page and almost covered by the web page.

I have been using the [URL:...etc] code.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

PostPosted: 12:03pm, Tue 06 Mar, 2007
by Creativeye
Have you tried using the siurce button on top, try to copy only the html code and paste it in source format in message view. after that just try to change the image location.
this is the normal way i do and i'm sending loads of mail on daily basics.
just let me know if it worked for you.

PostPosted: 10:56pm, Wed 07 Mar, 2007
by jaydee
Thanks. Yes I tried that and after adjusting for the images I only get the text version and not the html. Is there a way of incorporating the footer information into the web page?

PostPosted: 11:45am, Thu 08 Mar, 2007
by Creativeye
Well Jaydee, i would suggest send me a copy of your newslettter i mean a test mail to me, and i will have a look, well iahve sent around 15000 mails html format, i just designed everything in dreamweaver and some in forntpage, latered extacted the code and pasted in message box, source version. and just corrected the path for images, and all the images are uploaded in phplist root folder in a new folder. just try it should work. if it works for it should work for you.
by the way any idea to set up cron job