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phplist is dead

PostPosted: 11:34am, Tue 06 Mar, 2007
by BraveDave
Hello All,

I've been using PHPlist for a year now. I suddenly encountered a strange problem. phplist stopped sending ANY messages whatsoever not even confirmation messages. so I deleted it n REinstalled it (a habit of mine; sometimes I'm so helpless I dont know what to do else)

The surprise is that after reinstalling a brand new PHPlist (version (2.10.4), still no messages are sent to yahoo or hotmail or gmail, I dont even get any confirmation emails which is so weird....

does anyone has an idea what might be the problem cuz I reinstalled phplist several times n it always works well after that... it should! it is just being installed!!

thanks, hope to find help guys....


PostPosted: 12:07pm, Tue 06 Mar, 2007
by Creativeye
Hi Dave,
Even i do the same thing like you when ever i face problem i reinstall the whole application. But even i'm using the latest version, and my server uses fantastico auto installer. Everytime i reinstall i use new folder name and redirect the old page to new page this way i dont even lose my readers if the choose old links.
Just try this out and c if it works

still phplist is completely dead

PostPosted: 4:39pm, Tue 06 Mar, 2007
by BraveDave
I reinstalled phplist again in another folder with another name but it's utterly nonresponsive.... A brand new installation n it dosent even send one confirmation email..... isnt that weird?

Any idea guys.... I'm clueless


Yes weird

PostPosted: 6:44am, Wed 07 Mar, 2007
by Creativeye
I guess something somewhere has gone wrong. Didi you try to download the latest stable version and install. Btw are you using fantastico auto installer on your server or manual installation??
anyway send the link so i will try to register and see if i'm getting mails. info at flahzasystems dot com

Hello Althaf

PostPosted: 8:37am, Wed 07 Mar, 2007
by BraveDave
Good Morning,

This is the link of phplist I'm using: ... hplist.php

version (2.10.4)

It's fantastico n automatic installer....

But you know I dont think the problem has to do with the version cuz I remember I was using an earlier version of phplist n it just stopped sending emails completely. that's why I deleted it n reinstalled the new version (2.10.4). n it is also dead...

I really dont know.... can there be any other reason why my phplist is not working at all though I just installed it??.....

Any idea friends?? Help!!


PostPosted: 11:30am, Wed 07 Mar, 2007
by Dragonrider
Unfortunately Dave, we can't access that link as it requires a log in to YOUR cPanel. But please DON'T post an access details publicaly. 8)