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Implementing into my template

PostPosted: 4:30pm, Wed 07 Mar, 2007
by bajanboost
I have already designed a template for my website.

The header is located in a file called "header.php", the navigation is located in a file called "side.php" and the footer is located in a file called "footer.php".

All I have to do to make a page is type:
Code: Select all

I have also written a script, which is database driven, that allows me to add new newsletters. How is it possible to:

a) Plug in a subscribe page to future newsletters with my current template

b) Use my existing script (which I made for newsletters) and use phplist to mass email the newsletter to all my subscribed members.

PostPosted: 3:22am, Thu 15 Mar, 2007
by bajanboost
Ah? Any support? Help please.

PostPosted: 4:41am, Sat 17 Mar, 2007
by rgbworld
I think you want the same thing some others do (me included). Sounds like it is not possible yet.

See this post: