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The page cannot be displayed - Cannot change anything

PostPosted: 6:18pm, Wed 07 Mar, 2007
by helppls
To start with my problems.
The login -- The normal login is if I try to login (admin/phplist) it will give me a "The page cannot be displayed" but if I login I can login and all looks fine. It did the Creating tables with no problems, I continued with the setup and went directly to change the admin password. After changing the password I clicked "save changes" it took me to the same The page cannot be displayed.

I have tried to change other things also and having the same problem The page cannot be displayed page.

I have changed the premissions to full and read write nothing helped!

One thing was unclear in the setup was the other files in the zip folder. Should I put them on the server also? (bin file, scripts file, readme files)

What are those files for?

Please any help. I know I'm just looking over something.

PostPosted: 7:31pm, Thu 08 Mar, 2007
by H2B2
You might take a look at and in particular the paragraphs regarding the HTTP 404 and 500 errors.