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Problems with Subscribe / Personal Location

PostPosted: 8:39pm, Tue 13 Mar, 2007
by KRW Knitwear Studio
I have sucessfully installed PHPlist. I did some testing with test emails using templates and even subscribing, unsubbing and changing preferences.

My problem now lies in that when someone goes to subscribe or even change their attributes, the attributes I set up are not showing at all.

I did import from a Tab Delimited file the old list from MailList King. The file included Email, First Name, Last Name, Country. But it doesnt seem to have copied over anything but the email address....

Any suggestions on what might be the problem. I have poured through the documentation today for hours.. trying diffent things and cannot find a fix for it!


PostPosted: 1:44am, Thu 15 Mar, 2007
by H2B2
After creating the attributes, did you make sure you actually selected (checkbox "is this attribute required" or something similar) to use some -or all- on the subscribe page you created?

Select the attributes to use

At this point, you can select the attributes available in your system which you want to use in this subscribe page. The same attribute can be used in several subscribe pages. An attribute does not have to be used in any subscribe page. In that case, it is a hidden attribute: subscribers can never see it.
Attribute: 13 Check this box to use this attribute in the page [checkbox]
Name: Membership Expiry Date
Type: [pulldown menu]
Default Value: [text field]
Order of Listing: [text field] Is this attribute required?: [checkbox]
In this example, the internal ID for the Attribute called "Membership Expiry Date" is 13. This cannot be modified. Order of listing corresponds to the order in which this attribute will appear in the subscribe page only. Is this attribute required? will put the attribute in red on the subscribe page and require users to fill in that attribute before confirming their subscription. The rest is self-explanatory or can be understood by reading more about attributes.


PostPosted: 7:51pm, Fri 16 Mar, 2007
by KRW Knitwear Studio
Thanks Al! That was it. I am still learning this stuff!