importing error with multiple select boxes

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importing error with multiple select boxes

Postby adeptt1 » 6:05pm, Wed 14 Mar, 2007

I'll try to explain as clear as i can.

I have a list that includes one section that has multiple select boxes. The file in excel looks like this when exported from PHPlist

Select an Experience Category
Alpine; Culinary

As you can see there is 2 options in this category. There could be many more but i only selected the 2 when i signed up.

When i try to import the excel file back into phplist i get this error on this section

"Database error 1064 while doing query You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Culinary) and phplist_user_user_attribute.attributeid = 26' at line 4"

So it looks like the import does not know how to handle the ; after the first selection option. I have tried to change the ; to tabs and , etc... nothing works. Same errors.

The rest of the data and there is a lot all come in fine. But none of them have a multiple selection. Only single data lines.

Im running MySQL 4.1.20
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Postby Hernol » 2:57pm, Thu 15 Mar, 2007

Mm, you may want to search/add that feature to the bugtracker ( ), also check in the db table phplist_user_user_attribute how phplist define the att for each user
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Postby adeptt1 » 2:13pm, Wed 21 Mar, 2007

Iv tried now to just import one piece of data of a multiple select category. I assumed because i had multiple selections that it won't work so at least i can get one piece of data in. I experienced the same errors.

Work Around:

I changed the attribute of the category to be radio buttons. Then i imported and the data and it went in fine. Please note i am only importing one selection not multiple now. Then i changed the attribute back to multiple select boxes and now my users have at least one piece of data in this category. Not a desired way of doing it. Basically it looks like the multiple select option is just not working at all.
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