How to assign permanent subject for all mails

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How to assign permanent subject for all mails

Postby ramziddin » 12:34pm, Sat 17 Mar, 2007

Hi all

I was just wondering if it is possible to assign the permanent subject for all emails sent when you are sending an email.

For 4 months my company is intending to send newsletters with the same subject. By default in subject text box there is (no subject) written. I want the subject by default will be "The wonderful Newsletter" for example.


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Postby Hernol » 6:24pm, Tue 20 Mar, 2007

Have a default subject line.
Open the and after
"message_from_name" => array("Webmaster",
"What name do system messages appear to come from","text"),

Add this

# what is the default subject for messages without or with a space
"default_subject" => array($D_website." Newsletter",
"What is the default subject","text"),

And now in sendemaillib.php after this

$cached[$messageid]["fromname"] = trim($cached[$messageid]["fromname"]);
$cached[$messageid]["to"] = $message["tofield"];

Add this
// Add a default subject for your newsletter - Hernan

$default_subject = getConfig("default_subject");
if ($message["subject"] == "" || $message["subject"] == "(no subject)" || empty($message["subject"])){
$message["subject"] = $default_subject;
$cached[$messageid]["subject"] = $default_subject;
else {
$cached[$messageid]["subject"] = $message["subject"];


You will now get a new item to edit in the lists/admin/?page=configure page, after "What name do system messages appear to come from" and will be able to edit it and have a default subject.
Maybe not the best way, but works for just one default message.[/quote]
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