Mail not sent to one particular domain

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Mail not sent to one particular domain

Postby trevors » 7:55pm, Sat 17 Mar, 2007

I have set up PHPList on two different web sites.
One is working fine, but the other will not send email to one particular domain (

I've compared the two.
My email envelope on both says
From: Webmaster <noreply>
In both cases noreply is an alias for the real POP account

I did have a problem with the first web site intially. I was typing in a totally unrelated email address when composing the content of a message. That caused a similar problem (only with Sympatico). I assume it looked a "spoofed" email.

But now my From email and the real sending domain are the same.

Any one got any ideas or suggestions?


P.S. I can send test emails from PHPList to Sympatico. It's only the regular,queued emails that don't go through.

The web site was moved just a few days ago. I found a tool that tests reverse DNS lookup and it said some were still out of date. Could that be the pblm?
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