Why does Test Message not use the default CSS?

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Why does Test Message not use the default CSS?

Postby chuckster99 » 10:17pm, Sat 17 Mar, 2007

Maybe this is answered elsewhere, but I spent a lot of time working on a message, sending many test messages to get it just right, then I mailed it and the default css took over a screwed up all the links. Why wouldn't the test message use the default css so as not to mislead you as to what your list users will see?

Why would anyone use gray for a link color?

Are links something that should stand out?
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Postby Hernol » 5:51pm, Tue 20 Mar, 2007

Where have you defined the css?
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Postby hardwired » 11:34pm, Tue 20 Mar, 2007

The default css should kick into effect, even if you are doing test emails. Unless you are using a template.

I setup the default css in the config page, is that where you did it?
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